Merete Møller

Merete Møller

Department of Public Health, Aarhus University, Arhus, Denmark

Merete Møller (DK), PhD, is a physiotherapist from Department of Public Health, Aarhus University in Denmark. Her experiences as an elite handball player on the Danish National Team and years of practical experience with handball players is what drives her to seek a better understanding of how the significant long-term and short-term burden of injury in handball can be reduced through injury prevention. Merete’s doctoral studies have focussed on shoulder injury epidemiology and risk factors for shoulder injuries in youth handball players. Merete’s other main research area is translating evidence into practice. Her presentation will bear the title “Implementation of injury prevention programs in handball: Time for action!”.


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Société Luxembourgeoise de Kinésithérapie du Sport SLROMS Société Luxembourgeoise de Médecine du Sport Clinique du Sport
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