Laurent Malisoux

Laurent Malisoux

Sports Medicine Research Laboratory, Luxembourg Institute of Health

Laurent Malisoux (B), PhD, is a researcher at the Sports Medicine Research Laboratory of the Luxembourg Institute of Health. His main fields of expertise are sports injury prevention, especially in running, and running biomechanics. Laurent studied Sports and Physical Education at the Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium. Then, he did a PhD in muscle physiology and investigated the impact of plyometric training as well as unloading on contractile properties of single human muscle fibres. After having worked a few years in Switzerland for a private company specialized in human performance evaluation, training and rehabilitation, he got a grant in Luxembourg for a post-doc project on injury prevention in youth sport. Recently, he conducted 2 RCTs on the effect of specific shoe features on injury risk in leisure-time runners. Together with Ms Jung, he will present “The why's and how's of injury monitoring: an example from U17 Handball in Luxembourg”.


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