Gérard Juin

Gérard Juin

Medical Doctor of the French Handball Federation

Gérard Juin (F), MD, is the medical director of the French Handball Federation. He has written his doctoral thesis on the pathology of the upper limbs of handball players in 1993 in Nantes (F). Since 1995, he has been appointed medical doctor for the national women squad, a position he still holds today and where he could celebrate many victories on an international level together with Olivier Krumbholz, coach of the women squad and special guest during this congress. He has recently been the president of the scientific committee organising the “International Congress Medicine of handball” in January 2017 in France in the limelight of the World Championships. His presentation in Luxembourg will be entitled “L'encadrement médical et l'évolution des blessures des équipes de France de 1997 à 2017”.


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